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Palm Tree Truss

In addition to offering several other creative elements for our clients for various themed events, now we are offering Palm Tree Themed Truss Towers. This is a great way to compliment your tropical themed events such as a luau, Copacabana, island, jungle, or similar themes.

Lighting truss tower with Palm Tree Theming
Truss Tower with Palm Tree Theming

These palm tree truss towers can be 12' 15' or even 20' tall. Each "tree" features 4-8 small moving light or LED par fixtures, a burlap wrapped truss, and real palm fronds which not only look great, but also do a great job to hide the lights and their cables near the top of the truss tower.

Palm Tree Truss Towers with string lighting
Palm Tree Truss View with String Lights

Not only can you utilize these fantastic Palm Tree Truss towers for the cool look and to illuminate the floor and walls, but you can also use them to hang our string lights. Pictured above is an example of an event that we used these Palm Tree Truss Towers on holding the string lights. It is a great way to further enhance the mood of the event and compliment the Palm Tree Truss Towers and provide additional lighting.

In this event that we first featured these Palm Tree Truss Towers, we took an empty gymnasium and transformed it into a "Copacabana" themed event. Everyone was impressed with these truss towers, and looked better than imagined from paper (which at that point we didn't have a photo yet of these truss towers). With all the lights on, including lekos for gobos on all 4 walls, moving lights, and LED pars, we were able to make the room not look like you were in an all white gymnasium, but instead at a Copacabana party!

If you are interested in this product, please send an email to, call 407-240-6793, or send a request through the CONTACT page on our website. Subject to availability.

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