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Market Lighting

Nothing beats the beautiful looks of market lighting for a wide variety of events. It provides ample lighting as well as being  easy on the eyes.  Tylerlight offers a wide variety of string lighting options with accessories to fit the feel and theme of your event. Most common is the black string light sets with warm white LED bulbs (spaced 2' apart) as well as our black 10' poles and bases to complete the setup. We can configure the LED Strings in any pattern you wish (zig zag, square, tent style, parallels, etc). 

All of our string light pole bases now include a 6" tall by 24" long and wide black wood box that includes faux grass inside to hide the sandbags. This comes with any kit you order. We also offer a wood-grain version box as well as different color faux plant or real nursery plants (availability and types are seasonal). The poles can also be dressed in white or burlap fabrics. Please see examples and descriptions in the photos below. 

Options for your string light setup

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