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The mission of TYLERLIGHT is to deliver exceptional value to our clients through a combination of team-driven success and a creative passion for memorable lighting. 

Lighting is a passion of our team and is something that we dedicate ourselves to day in and day out. We will take your ideas and illuminate them through lighting!

A note from Tyler: 

Since I was a kid, I was always intrigued with lighting in any capacity, such as on theme park rides,  street lights, stage lighting, special event lighting, and all sorts of trinkets like simple flashlights and light up toys. As the years progressed, I noticed I always had an affinity to event and stage/studio lighting. There is something that draws me to lights, and I love to exhibit my creativity and use lighting to add value to an event, no matter what type of event, to make it more amazing and memorable. I love to make new connections and meet new clients and show them what my team and I can offer to elevate their next event with lighting, as well as working with existing clients and improving their events year to year. The teams that I surround myself with are just as passionate about lighting as I am, and each and every one of us are excited to go to work and show you our talents, well, we don't consider it work, because its fun for us! 

As a team, we are able to provide amazing products and services at fair and negotiable prices. The bulleted list below demonstrates how we use our passion to make the event lighting a success for each event: 

  • Evaluate the clients' needs to determine if we are a good fit, and to what capacity, small or large 

  • Determine if our contribution to the event will provide a supplemental value to the event, meeting or exceeding the price of services

  • Provide a clear and accurate quote for all events, being as fair as possible to allow us to provide the maximum value to the event lighting by allowing us to invest in the best quality equipment, employing highly trained individuals, and presenting ourselves with professionalism everywhere we go 

  • Negotiation with clients' becomes a crucial step to ensure the clients' needs are met exactly as they intend to spend 

  • Prepare all equipment and gather the appropriate team to ensure success of the event. Extra equipment is usually provided in most cases to ensure flawless execution

  • Ensure clients' expectations are met and exceeded before the event starts, after the setup of all equipment concludes 

  • Allow the client open lines of communication for any possible issue / concerns / or questions during the entire event time(s) 

  • Strike, derig, or removal of all equipment in a professional and quick manner 

  • Ask the client for their feedback so we may continue to improve for that clients' next event and other clients' events 

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