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String Lights and Market Lights

String lights (also known as market lights) are a great way to illuminate a large (or small) area. It provides both functional lighting as well as aesthetic lighting.

We offer a wide variety of options to integrate the look of the string light setup with the theme of your event. Our current standard lightbulb style is a warm white (3,000 kelvin) LED plastic (shatter proof and safe) bulb. We still carry glass envelope G50 clear bulbs if you would prefer. 

String Light Options

Standard economy string light package includes all black painted poles, black string light cord, warm white LED shatterproof lightbulbs, and black box covers on the bases. 

Enhanced string light packages offer more options in addition to everything offered in the standard economy string light package. You can customize the color(s) of the poles, color(s) of the lightbulbs, and the color of the bases on the bottom of the poles. 

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